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SoccerRoos is a fun and non-competitive indoor athletic program geared towards children ages 22 months to 8 years old. SoccerRoos focus is on the enjoyment of physical activity, improving motor-skills and mental focus, building confidence, and developing soccer skills.

Please try out any of our classes for a free evaluation, if your children enjoy the program we encourage you to sign up after the first class.

SoccerRoos was founded in 2009 in Wilmington, NC. Our program focuses on the development of young children in the areas of enjoying physical activity, improving motor-skills and mental focus, building confidence and listening skills, and developing soccer techniques and skills. We provide a controlled environment where learning is fun and safe.

This is achieved by playing a series of age specific games conducted by qualified instructors. It’s a scientific fact that children participate with confidence and intensity if they’re having fun.

SoccerRoos is different from other athletic programs because the curriculum focuses on learning soccer related skills in a non-competitive environment. Our athletic program allows each child to grow and advance at their own pace.

Having children physically active, early in life helps to build a strong foundation for future enjoyment of physical activity. While our athletic program is built around soccer, the skills that are developed (motor skills, coordination, balance, and listening skills) are valuable in all other sports. A key component for the younger children is learning to listen to someone other than their parents.

SoccerRoos has a set curriculum that is lead by certified and trained instructors. We incorporate various props such as balloons, parachutes, hula hoops and cones to keep the students engaged. Our classes have no more than 8-10 students per instructor to ensure that each child is receiving individual attention from the instructor.

Each 8 week program consists of one (45 minute – 1 hour) class per week. There is a 10% discount for preregistration, siblings and military families. In addition to our year round classes, SoccerRoos also offers birthday parties for children, private soccer training, and specialized group classes. SoccerRoos can customize our programs to meet your individual or group needs.

We are doing our part to support and improve the environment.  Are you?

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